Life and Work

Manolo Valdés

The artist Manolo Valdés, born in Valencia in 1942, established his own unmistakable visual language: sculptures, prints, and collage-like wall works made of paper, sackcloth, and paint, in which he always refers directly to art historical models. Nevertheless, through his treatment of the material as well as his feeling for composition and effect, he manages to make each motif his own.

Manolo Valdés began his career in 1964 as part of the artist collective Equipo Chrónica, which consisted of Valdés and Rafael Solbes until the latter’s untimely death in 1981. Since then Valdés has continued his career alone.
His work is based on a profound knowledge of art history and a reflection on its distribution, marketing and consequences, though it cannot be reduced to this. Rather, he is moved by the question of what remains of art and can survive the centuries. His aim is to preserve the magic of art: the beauty in the silhouette of a figure, in color, form, ornament, and the wonder that can lie in a brushstroke. Each of Valdés' works constantly searches for renewed possibilities of sensual experience and experiencing art.

The gallery has a longstanding collaboration and friendship with Manolo Valdés. In the course of his career, which now spans more than 50 years, his work has been honored with numerous exhibitions in renowned international institutions. His monumental female head sculptures have been shown in New York, Paris, Valencia, and Monaco. Since the 1990s, he has also increasingly presented sculptural works in public space. In 2006 Beck & Eggeling made it possible for the city of Düsseldorf to purchase some figures from the »Las Meninas« group as part of the Quadriennale in Düsseldorf, which can now be admired in its entirety in the Hofgarten thanks to a generous donation by Manolo Valdés and the gallery.

Manolo Valdés lives and works in New York and Madrid.


1942 Born in Valencia, ES
1957 Visit the Escuela de Bellas Artes de San Carlos in Valencia, ES
1958 leaves school to devote himself entirely to painting
1964 Equipo Crónica founded with Joan Antonio Toledo and Rafael Solbes. Toledo is leaving a year later the group, but Valdés and Solbes continued working together until the death of Solbes in November 1981
1965 – 1981 in connection with Equipo Crónica Valdes is in more than 60 solo and numerous group exhibitions
1981 Valdes develops his own distinctive style
1988 goes to New York, US, to live there for a year
1990 lives and works in New York, US, and in Valencia, ES
2001 moves into a new studio in Madrid, ES

Works (Selection)

Manolo Valdés, La pamela, 2017
Manolo Valdés, La pamela, 2017
Manolo Valdés, Ivy III, 2017
Manolo Valdés, Ivy III, 2017
Manolo Valdés, Portrait in Blues, 2017
Manolo Valdés, Portrait in Blues, 2017
Manolo Valdés, Perfil sobre fondo carmin, 2016/17
Manolo Valdés, Perfil sobre fondo carmin, 2016/17
Manolo Valdés, Perfil sobre fondo azul, 2016/17
Manolo Valdés, Retrato con diadema blanca, 2016/17
Manolo Valdés, Fiore, 2016/17
Manolo Valdés, Helechos, 2016/17
Manolo Valdés, Head V, 2016
Manolo Valdés, Fiore, 2016
Manolo Valdés, Golden Ivy, 2016
Manolo Valdés, Marisol, 2015
Manolo Valdés, The Cartier, 2008
Manolo Valdés, Caballero', 2006
Manolo Valdés, Donna d'Italia II, 2004
Manolo Valdés, De Cranach a Liechtenstein VIII, 2002
Manolo Valdés, De Cranach a Lichtenstein V, 2002
Manolo Valdés, Rembrandt I, 1987

Solo exhibitions (selection)

2020 Manolo Valdés. Monumentales Egeries, Opera Gallery, Paris, FR
Valdés - Tiempo y materia, Fundació Bancaixa, Valencia, ES
2019 Manolo Valdes, Opera Gallery, London
Manolo Valdés, Galerie am Lindenplatz AG, Vaduz, LI
2018 Manolo Valdés in Miami, Opera Gallery, Miami, US
2016 Manolo Valdés: Recent Work – Paintings and sculptures, Marlborough, London
2013 Manolo Valdés: sculpture and Works on Paper, Marlborough Gallery, New York, US
Manolo Valdes: Paintings and sculptures, Pera Museum, Istanbul, TR
Remixing History: Manolo Valdés, Georgia Museum of Art, Georgia, US
2012 Manolo Valdés, Patty and Jay Baker Naples Museum of Art, Naples, Florida, US
Manolo Valdés. Picasso como pretexto, Museo Casa Nata, Malaga, ES
2011 Manolo Valdés. oeuvre graphiques, Marlborough Monaco, Monte Carlo, MC
2010 Monumental Sculpture on Broadway, Broadway NY, US
new works, Galerie Forsblom, Helsinki, FI
Manolo Valdés, À Chambord, Chateau Chambord, Loir-et-Cher, FR
Liebhaberstücke. Zeitgenössische Kunst aus Mülheimer Privatsammlungen, Kunstmuseum Mülheim a. d. Ruhr, Mülheim a. d. Ruhr, DE
2009 Manolo Valdés, Escultura y pintura, Galería Marlborough, Madrid, ES
Santander, Donostia, Madrid, ES
Manolo Valdés. Los Materiales, Beck & Eggeling International Fine Art, Dusseldorf, DE
Manolo Valdés in Beijing, national art Museum of China, Beijing, CN
2008 Galería Aurora, Murcia, ES
Fundacíon La Caixa, La Coruna, ES
Manolo Valdés: Recent sculpture and Painting, Marlborough Chelsea, New York, US
Manolo Valdés, las Meninas, The State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, RU
2007 Manolo Valdés, Perfiles, obra gráfica, Marlborough, Madrid, ES
Manolo Valdés at Bryant Park, Bryant Park, New York, US
Manolo Valdés. oeuvre sur papier, Galerie Maeght, Paris, FR
2006 Manolo Valdés, Las Meninas in Düsseldorf, Beck & Eggeling, Dusseldorf, DE
Manolo Valdés, Fondation Maeght, Saint-Paul de Vence, FR



Manolo Valdés. Los Materiales

Manolo Valdés. Los Materiales

  • Artist: Manolo Valdés
    Editor: Ute Eggeling, Michael Beck
    Text: Guillermo Solana
  • English, German
    63 pages, 40 illustrations
  • Beck & Eggeling Kunstverlag, 2009
    ISBN 978-3-93091955-0
  • 28 €
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Manolo Valdés. Las Meninas in Düsseldorf

Manolo Valdés. Las Meninas in Düsseldorf

  • Artist: Manolo Valdés
    Editor: Ute Eggeling, Michael Beck
    Text: Kosme de Barañano
  • English, German
    Hardcover, 28,5 x 22,5 cm
    52 pages, 51 illustrations
  • Beck & Eggeling Kunstverlag, 2006
    ISBN 978-3-93091943-7
  • 20 €
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